Net Zero Carbon

As one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in the field of steam - heat - electricity energy, Thuan Hai has identified the Net Zero goal as an important part of its sustainable development strategy. We are committed to actively contributing to the fight against climate change and environmental protection with specific action programs.


Invest and operate a boiler system using green biomass fuel

Our actions

One of Thuan Hai's important strategies to achieve the Net Zero goal is to convert fuel from fossil fuels to biomass fuel. We have invested in and operated many boiler systems that use a lot of environmentally friendly biomass. One of our typical projects is the boiler system at Ajimonoto, S&S Glove, VREC, Iguacu Vietnam factories. 



Invest in 6 biomass production plants in Vietnam 

Thuan Hai has invested in building 3 rice husk pellet factories in Long An, Dong Thap, Can Tho and 3 firewood production factories in Long An, Binh Phuoc, Quang Nam. Thanks to that, Thuan Hai proactively supplies biomass to the market with high quality. Currently we are supplying about 1 million tons of biomass per year and continuously growing year by year


Coal fuel is used in the power industry 

Thuan Hai accompanies customers in solutions to renovate or convert old boiler systems to new boiler systems with higher efficiency, optimize the combustion process, and at the same time equip a management and monitoring system. close to modernity. From there, we help customers reduce fuel costs and operating costs, contributing to reducing CO2 emissions into the environment. 


Planting forests 

To quickly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide (CO2), planting trees is considered an urgent solution deployed by many countries. With natural growth characteristics, trees have the ability to absorb large amounts of CO2 through photosynthesis. 

At Thuan Hai, we have planted more than 50 hectares of melaleuca forest in Dong Nai province, Vietnam and plan to invest in planting 700 hectares of new forest in Binh Phuoc and Quang Tri provinces. Afforestation helps Thuan Hai achieve the dual goal of reducing the amount of existing CO2, and at the same time, plantation forest waste is a potential biomass material. 


Thuan Hai is committed to continuing its efforts to research and implement solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and optimize the production process towards the Net Zero goal in an effective and sustainable manner. With a clear vision and strategy, we hope to contribute positively to the Vietnamese government's goal of Net Zero - Reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero" - by 2050."

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