Professional team

Thuan Hai always regards "people" as the heart of the organization, the foundation for every decision - operational strategies, as the driving force for sustainable development and success of the company.

Under the roof of Thuan Hai, we always strive and make daily efforts to bring smiles of happiness and joy of labor to all employees. For us, the success of the company is not only measured by numbers on the financial report but also evaluated through indices of job satisfaction and trust.

Therefore, we - Thuan Hai always assume responsibility and commit to providing a positive working environment, where every member receives respect, encouragement, and opportunities for development.

Steadfast from the first steps...

Starting as a trading company with only 6 members, Thuan Hai has continuously expanded and recruited talents from all over the country. Until now, the company has built a strong human resource with over 2000 members and 800 teams of highly skilled engineers and technicians.


to the journey of "Polishing Diamonds"

Thuan Hai always believes that each member of the company is a diamond with unique colors and marks. They possess great knowledge and talent, dedicating themselves to the collective development.


However, to fully exploit these inherent values, these diamonds need to be polished properly, and each member needs to be provided with conditions to shine and succeed. Therefore, from its establishment to the present, Thuan Hai has always been proactive in creating opportunities for continuous improvement of professional capabilities, development of skills, and enhancement of each individual through various internal training programs.


Standardized system control procedure training



Legal skills training



Training on issues related to financial invoices

In addition, listening and empowering are the principles that Thuan Hai always applies so that every member of the company can freely unleash creativity, and experience to create new solutions, and enhance efficiency and productivity.

We always encourage and respect every useful opinion and suggestion, whether big or small, thereby creating a dynamic and professional working environment. This helps each member always feel appreciated and highly valued for their efforts and contributions.

and opening opportunities for everyone

Thuan Hai is always ready to welcome and open doors to embrace potential talents. We are proud to be a "destination" for dreams and aspirations of self-development for everyone.

Join the Thuan Hai family and together shape a strong, successful, and vibrant future.

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