The Thuan Hai Sports Festival 2023 took place vibrantly and meaningfully, attracting enthusiastic participation from a large number of Thuan Hai employees and guests from partner businesses.

Exercise and sports have long been seen as activities to promote physical health. With the development of society, the sports movement has taken on a more humanitarian significance, closely associated with community volunteer campaigns.

In that spirit, Thuan Hai organized the "Thuan Hai Sports Festival 2023 - Destination for the Community", featuring two main competitions: Marathon and Football, to raise funds for community contributions, collectively building social life. This event also serves as a bridge to foster unity among employees, enhance training spirit, promoting a "healthy and beautiful life" culture within Thuan Hai's internal community.


The football tournament began with qualifiers in six regions nationwide to select the top 4 teams to compete in the final round on December 30, 2023, along with the Marathon at Tan Thuan Industrial Park, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. For each participant registered for the race, Thuan Hai would allocate 200,000 VND to the Tet support fund for those in difficult circumstances.


On the day of the Sports Festival, despite having to arrive very early, athletes still gathered punctually, confident, and ready to give their all. The 5km and 8km races are the distances that athletes will conquer in the marathon competition (8km for men, female contestants can choose one of the two distances depending on their physical condition). In less than 30 minutes after the start, the first champions were determined with outstanding achievements.


The marathon not only recorded impressive records but also demonstrated the spirit of effort and perseverance to complete the race for all athletes. Powerful steps, radiant smiles, and sweat-soaked shirts created many wonderful memories for everyone.


On the football field, matches were equally dramatic amidst enthusiastic cheers from spectators.


Teams competed not only for the championship but also for their teammates, for the sporting spirit, which is more precious and meaningful. Each shot was a resounding victory for each team.


After the conclusion of the two competitions, the Thuan Hai leadership organized a celebratory banquet to commend and award prizes to individuals and teams who achieved victory in the running and football events.


The tireless efforts and determination of Thuan Hai athletes deserve respect and become a source of inspiration for everyone.


Also, during the award ceremony, a representative of Thuan Hai presented a donation of 100,000,000 VND to the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of District 7, contributing to the fund to support difficult circumstances in the district, spreading the love of the people of Thuan Hai to the community before the new year.


The Thuan Hai Sports Festival 2023 concluded successfully, leaving many overwhelming emotions among all participants. The stories of sportsmanship and the meaningful messages that the event brought will remain in everyone's hearts. "Destination for the community" is not just a slogan but also a tangible action, contributing to the creation of a beautiful Thuan Hai culture.

Let's revisit the memorable moments of the Thuan Hai Sports Festival 2023.

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