Although the number of coal mines is decreasing, Australia continues to be heavily dependent on the mining industry, with four of the world's 10 largest coal mines.

The Australian coal mining industry has been booming and growing in recent times. Australian coal is one of the dominant sources of the global coal market. With abundant coal reserves and effective mining operations, Australia has gradually asserted its position in promoting sustainable economic growth in many Asian countries.

Coal mining activities in Australia

Although the number of coal mines is decreasing, Australia continues to be heavily dependent on the mining industry, with four of the world's 10 largest coal mines.

Australia is one of the largest coal exporting countries in the world, producing about 510 million tons (Mt) in the 2017 - 2018 crop year, up to 75% of Australian coal exported. This makes Australia the world's third largest exporter of fossil fuels. According to a report by the Australian Institute of Public Policy Research, the country emits about 57 tons of CO2 annually, about 10 times the global average.

Top 5 largest coal mines in Australia

Carmichael Coal Mine


Located in the Northern Basin in central Queensland, Carmichael is one of the largest Australian coal mines in the country. Despite some environmental concerns regarding this coal mine, the Carmichael coal mine construction project received the necessary approvals from the Australian government in 2020. Carmichael mine is owned by Adani Enterprises, the investor of this coal mine and fuel exploitation port, hopes the project will begin production in 2021.

Peak Down Coal Mine

Located in the Bowen Basin in central Queensland, Peak Down is currently one of Australia's largest coal mines. It is owned and operated by Australia's largest coal producer and exporter BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA), a joint venture between BHP Billiton and Mitsubishi since 2001. Peak Downs is one of seven coal mines operated by BMA in the Bowen Basin and produced more than 11.8 million tonnes of metallurgical coal in 2019.


The Australian Peak Down coal mine is one of Australia's largest coal mines

Mount Arthur Coal Mine

Mount Arthur Coal Mine is located in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales and began production in 1968. It is the eighth largest coal mine in the world and has exploitable reserves of Australian coal. to 591 million tons. More than 20 coal seams are mined at Mount Arthur. This is also where thermal coal is produced for customers in the energy industry in the region and around the world. Mount Arthur's annual coal production is more than 18 million tons and has an estimated reserve life of 35 years.


Goonyella Riverside Coal Mine

Located in the Bowen River basin, Goonyella Riverside is the third largest coal mine in Australia. Goonyella began operations in 1971, while the adjacent Riverside mine came into production in 1982. The two mines were merged in 1989. Estimated mineable coal reserves are 549 million tons, includes 530 million tonnes of proven ore and 19 million tonnes of mineable reserves in 2020. The mine produced 17.1 million tonnes of coke in 2019, up from 15.8 million tonnes of coal the year 2018. Currently, the coal mine investor is planning to deploy a self-propelled coal transportation system here.


Saraji Coal Mine

Another mine located in the Bowen basin is also the 10th largest mine in the world with estimated mined coal reserves of 502 million tons, including 442 million tons of proven coal and 60 million tons of proven coal reserves. exploitable in 2019.


Saraji coal mine is the 10th largest in the world


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