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Imported coal can provide quality coal for Vietnam's consumer market.

Coal import is an important step in enhancing and centralizing coal production to supply the market.


February, 2023, 355 views

Coal purchase is one of the activities that must be maintained and implemented due to the direct and positive impacts on economic growth and sustainable energy development. Join Thuan Hai to learn more in the following article


December, 2022, 483 views

Coal plays a major role in delivering power across the globe – it is still the world’s largest single source of electricity and will still contribute 22% in 2040. This figure is even higher in emerging markets – in South East Asia, coal will fuel 39% of electricity in 2040.


December, 2022, 356 views

According to the General Department of Customs, coal imported to Vietnam in June 2019 increased by 3.1% in volume but decreased by 1.4% in turnover compared to the previous month, reaching 3.99 million tons, equivalent to 375.17 million USD.


November, 2022, 334 views

Australian coal has the 4th largest reserve in the world

According to calculations from experts, with such reserves, Australian coal may be enough to exploit for more than 300 years.


November, 2022, 853 views

By 2030, Vietnam's coal demand is forecasted to be about 80.4 million Toe, per capita of about 0.73 Toe / person (corresponding to a population at that time forecasted to be 110 million people).


August, 2022, 267 views