Biomass Fuel - Replaces traditional coal fuel

In today's article, invite you to join Thuan Hai to learn more about biomass, the type of fuel that is expected to be the future of the energy industry, with the ability to replace. Traditional coal in the future.

What is Biomass?

Biomass is a material with a fiber content of 75% so it is easy to catch fire, not only that, so its ability to maintain the burning of firewood husks longer than with fuel burned. other such as coal, firewood, gas.

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Vỏ trấu được sử dụng làm nhiên liệu cho lò hơi công nghiệpThe rice husks are used as fuel for industrial boilers

The application of Biomass

When using pressed firewood into bars or pressed rice husks to replace coal, DO oil, FO or charcoal used to burn industrial boilers, processing agricultural products, and foodstuffs. Replacing the fuel burned with rice husks is very easy because it is possible to use the coal furnace immediately without changing the furnace structure.

Củi trấu vừa thân thiện với môi trường, vừa giải quyết vấn đề về năng lượngRice husk is an environmentally friendly fuel

Although the heat of gas, DO oil, FO oil is 3 times higher than coal and rice husk firewood, the selling price of gas, DO, FO is 15-20 times higher. The use of rice husks, pressing bars, and pressing pellets makes the fuel instead of traditional fuel flows (oil, gas ...) while reducing operating costs and not depending on fossil fuels that are increasingly exhausted and carried. Price volatility increases, contributing to reducing the greenhouse effect. Moreover, ash generated in the burning process of pellets will be a very necessary source of raw materials for other industries.

How is Biomass formed?

Các viên củi trấu ép được sử dụng làm nhiên liệu cho lò hơi công nghiệpThe pressed rice husk pellets are used as fuel for industrial boilers

Firewood and rice husks

Raw material husks are fed into the press, the automatic drying part of the machine will reduce the humidity to below 12%, then press into hardwood bars, in the form of a long tube in the range of 10-40 cm, with a diameter of 40-80. cm. For every 1.05 kg of rice husks, 1 kg of finished rice husk firewood will be produced. The productivity of the line of presses per press can reach 150 - 320 kg / hour. Because the agricultural residue itself already contains a binder (called lignin), when pressed at a temperature of about 250°C, the effect of frictional heat and heat from the mold has helped create a substance. solid adhesion. Therefore, this wood husk firewood is stronger than other common consumption wood.

Members husk

With 1kg rice husk pellets, it will provide energy equivalent to 0.9 kg of coal (with an emitted heat of 5,200 kilos of calories, there is no sulfur gas, so it does not pollute the environment). The technology of rice husk fired boiler is similar to coal-fired boiler technology, so it does not need to spend much to invest.

Trấu viên được sử dụng làm nhiên liệu cho lò hơi công nghiệpHusk pellets are used as fuel for industrial boilers

Can Biomass - Biomass can replace coal fuel?

With the advantages of being flammable, able to maintain the burning for a long time, affordable, friendly with the environment, Biomass - Biomass is expected to be a fuel that can replace chemical fuels in the future.

Hopefully, the above information from Thuan Hai has helped you understand more about biomass, biomass fuel with benefits, and the application of this material in use as fuel.

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