Australian Coal - Find out the type and reserves of coal in Australia

In today's article, invite you to join Thuan Hai to learn more about coal reserves in Australia , distribution ratio as well as the current situation of importing this fuel into Vietnam market in recent times.

Coal is the largest source of energy in Australia. The total Australian coal reserves as of the end of 2017 were 144,818 million tons, accounting for 14% of the total coal reserves and ranked third in the world. T seaweed which, in Australia 68 310 million tonnes of coal and bituminous anthacite (collectively, black coal) and 76,508 million tons of coal and lignite bitumen á (collectively lignite). Black coal has both energy coal and coal used for metallurgy. According to calculations from experts, with such reserves, Australian coal may be enough to exploit for more than 300 years.

Băng chuyền sản xuất than đá tại ÚcCoal production line in Australia

1. Reserve allocation

Black coal

Black coal resources exist in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia, of which New South Wales (23%) and Queensland (63%) have the largest share of Australia's total on-site resources. These two states are also the largest coal producers. Australia's main black coal-producing basins are the Queensland and Sydney (New South Wales) regions. Important black coal mining operations include Collie in Western Australia, Leigh Creek in South Australia and Fingal and Kimbolton in Tasmania.

Phân bổ trữ lượng than đen tại Australia Distribution of black coal reserves in Australia

Brown coal

Brown coal occurs in South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria. Currently, brown coal is only mined in Victoria with open-pit mines in Anglesea, Loy Yang, Yallourn and Hazelwood to supply coal to nearby power plants.

Brown coal is also mined in Maddingley to produce soil conditioners and fertilizers. Other products from Victorian brown coal are also used in industry and in domestic use with coal products with low ash and sulfide content.

Nearly 80% of Australian coal is produced from open-pit mines, in contrast to the rest of the world which typically accounts for only about 40% of production. Open-cast mining is cheaper than underground and allows up to 90% of the local resource to be recovered.

Phân bổ trữ lượng than nâu tại AustraliaBrown coal reserves in Australia

2. Advantages of importing Australian coal into the Vietnamese market

In the Normal scenario: Australia will boost production from 516 million tons in 2015 to 859 million tons of coal in 2050 to catch the growth of Asian markets including India, ASEAN countries and to compensate for Indonesia's energy (coal) decline. In which, the coal output will be 381 million tons by 2030, 2040 - 502 million tons in 2050 and 616 million tons in 2050.

In the "Advanced technology scenario": Australia's energy coal production in 2030 is 272 million tons, in 2040 - 284 million tons and in 2050 - 284 million tons.

It is forecasted that energy coal price of Australia to 2030 could increase to 160.0 - 166.7 USD.

According to research by coal industry experts, the import of Australian coal to Vietnam has the following basic advantages:

First: Australian coal resources are abundant and of good quality; The Australian Government encourages investors to mine Australian coal in this country.

Second: Foreign companies and corporations mainly from Japan, India and Thailand have invested in coal mining for decades, including Australian coal.

Third: For Vietnam, the most favorable way to invest in Australian coal mining is to buy shares of existing companies.

Fourth: Organizing the mining according to the method of mine owner - contractor, in which, the mine owner manages and controls the contractors' activities and consumes products from Australian coal.

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Hình ảnh khai thác than đá tại AustraliaAustralian coal mining operations

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