Coal purchase and management and business of coal supply to the market

Buying coal is one of the essential activities that Vietnam needs to maintain and implement in the present and in the future. This has a direct and positive impact on the sustainable and economic growth of energy resources, and at the same time brings a good effect to a number of industries related to coal production. Buying and allowing coal companies to work to supply long-term coal to the market is always encouraged and supported.

In the following article, invite you to join Thuan Hai to learn about how to buy coal and manage and trade this fuel on the market.

Hoạt động khai thác than đáCoal mining activities

Current status of coal trading, buying and selling activities in Vietnam

Over the past time, coal trading, selling and buying have been continuously happening, helping to ensure that coal mining and processing activities as well as the production activities of enterprises are always ensured. The process of transporting coal for coal power plants is, in general, tight and timely. The volume and strains of coal still meet the criteria of the plants.

Kho than đá Tây Ninh - Công ty Thuận Hải với sức chứa 200.000 tấnTay Ninh coal warehouse - Thuan Hai company with a capacity of 200,000 tons

In order to continue to improve the efficiency in management and stability of the coal industry, the functional committee requires all concerned units to strengthen the inspection and good and legal implementation of imported coal mining papers , source coal and logistics solutions for the market.

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Supervising coal trading, trading and importing activities

The functional units involved in coal buying and exporting coal to the market are required to strictly obey all the orders and directions of the country, in accordance with the projects that were set out earlier. It is absolutely forbidden to import smuggled, illegally of unknown origin, affecting the production process and the time of investigation.

In the development of the coal industry, the reason imported coal is chosen to import a lot in Vietnam is due to the high demand for imported coal . In the energy sector, coal power accounts for more than 27% of the total market share, and it is predicted that in the future, this number will skyrocket to 33%, even 50% by 2040. This means that, dangerous Coal engine will account for total replacement for renewable energy when electricity production is possible. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the supply of the fuel is distributed evenly and maintained for the long term.

Thuan Hai safely preserves coal with Cai Mep warehouse with a capacity of 500,000 tons

The selection of coal source has always been given special attention and attention. Coal companies to delve into the market and the nature of the source of coal stone , and many other objective conditions selected to conduct import and extraction, sold to retail and wholesale markets in the country. Currently, coal power business in Vietnam market is very diverse, but the key is still the presence of three sources are: coal Indo , coal Russia and Coal Australia.

Hình ảnh thực tế của kho than Thuận HảiThuan Hai coal warehouse

The purchase and sale procedures in these countries are legally appraised and licensed, and are committed to ensuring that the output and the output to the market are guaranteed. Coal mine exploration and analysis are always in the strategy and plan before choosing to be a partner.

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