Biomass - The benefits of using biomass energy

Using Biomass , businesses can get great benefits from cost, initial investment budget to environmental friendliness, sustainable fuel use. firm. In the following article, Thuan Hai will share with you the benefits of using Biomass in industry, please follow the content below.


Biomass energy is the energy generated from methods using biomass fuel. Thuan Hai is the pioneer in Biomass application with our preferred method of Thermal Conversion, including:

Direct burning

The burning of biofuels in the presence of oxygen. Furnaces and boilers are commonly used to produce steam for use in heating / cooling systems or to spin turbines to generate electricity.

Co-firing - Co-firing

Burning of a fossil fuel (such as coal or natural gas) with biomass


The combined heat and electricity that produce heat and electricity at the same time.

Hình ảnh nhà máy xử lý nhiên liệu sinh khối - BiomassBiomass fuel plant - Biomass


Here is the main content of the article: The benefits for businesses when using Biomass fuel in production activities.

Social and economic benefits

Reducing dependence on coal for fossil fuels: The excessive dependence on coal in recent decades is the cause of the depletion of reserves of these fuels. Find out more about this in the article: Biomass fuel (Biomass) replaces traditional coal fuel .

Biomass energy can enhance national energy security : Since biomass energy is produced from the indigenous raw materials of many Asian countries, this fuel serves as an alternative fuel for coal and fossil fuels, reducing dependence on coal importsand enhancing national energy security.

Encourage the participation of small and medium enterprises:

Unlike oil and gas fuels, even coal , the production of biomass energy will not require investment and construction of large integrated treatment plants. Therefore, investing in biomass energy can open up opportunities for local firms to participate.

Improving the efficiency of agricultural economy: The agricultural economy, in addition to the function of providing food, industrial raw materials, now has the function of providing clean energy to the society, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases and toxic gases. Over the past years, Thuan Hai has found that the development of biomass energy has made a significant contribution to the development of the country's agriculture.

Hình ảnh thực tế turbine xử lý nhiên liệu biomassRealistic images of turbines with biomass fuel treatment

Environmental benefits g

Using biomass energy compared to coal, petroleum reduces about 70% of CO2 and 30% of toxic gas, because biomass energy contains a very small amount of sulfur, containing 11% oxygen, so it burns cleaner. Biomass energy is biodegradable and causes little pollution of water and soil.

In addition, the biomass energy when discharged into the biodegradable soil is 4 times higher than coal and petroleum fuels and thus greatly reduces soil and groundwater pollution.

Therefore, the use of biomass energy helps to reduce environmental pollution, reduce greenhouse gases, help prevent global climate change problem .

Biofuels and the problem of sustainable development

Raw materials for biofuel production are prioritized with the criteria that are not used as food, have high yield and fuel conversion efficiency, have the potential to grow on nutrient-poor soil and fallow ponds. . In particular, this type of raw material has to be of low cost such as agro-forestry waste and processing industry. At the same time, to develop biofuel to ensure energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

On November 27, 2020, Thuan Hai brought to the Workshop on CLIMATE PROTECTION THROUGH SUSTAINABLE BIOEAS ENERGY MARKET DEVELOPMENT IN VIETNAM (BEM), co-ordinated by GIZ with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam (MOIT). and the Department of Electricity and Renewable Energy (EREA) organized. energy solutions to their pros.

Hình ảnh hội thảo về nhiên liệu sinh khối - BiomassWorkshop image on biomass fuel - Biomass

Coal , Biomass  will play a very important role in the development of energy industries in the world today and is expected to dominate in developing countries for a long time to come. 

Over the past years, Thuan Hai has always been proud to be a pioneer in Biomass application with typical products of rice husks and palm shells (more than 150,000 tons / year). If you are looking for an optimal: flexible, stable and efficient energy solution provider, contact us:

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