Risks in coal transportation

Coal is formed from dead vegetation, preserved about 300 million years ago, through the cooperation of biochemical and geological processes. One of the challenges during transporting large quantities of coal is that  coal  can spontaneously heat up, emit explosive gases, and corrode hulls.

Factors that cause  coal to  self-heat to ignite include:

  • Oxygen supplies are available from the air;
  • The large surface area of ​​the cargo through which an oxidation reaction can take place;
  • Presence of moisture;
  • Insulation makes the internal heat unable to spread.

In addition,  coal  Bituminous and anthracite coal emit methane, a flammable gas with air explosion limit of very low (4.4%). Explosions are often caused by methane ignition in cargo.

Đội vận chuyển than chuyên nghiệp của Thuận Hải
Professional coal transportation team of Thuan Hai

Adequate implementation of  safe coal transport procedures  is a must to prevent unfortunate incidents that can lead to serious loss of life and wealth. As one of the  largest coal importers in the market ,  Thuan Hai  has built its facilities, infrastructure and a team of experienced professionals to avoid possible risks in the process of operation. coal transfer, storage and use  . 

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