Heatech Indonesia is an annual exhibition showcasing steam and heat technology, providing solutions for the industrial and commercial sectors. The event highlights the latest products and technologies while offering opportunities to enhance knowledge, skills, and updates on industry regulations.

From October 5th to 7th at the Jakarta International Expo Center, Thuan Hai, in collaboration with Martech, presented practical applications of "green" steam and fuel solutions that deliver high efficiency for our customers in Vietnam.

With a focus on collaboration and development, the event emphasizes product and service introductions and places importance on building partnerships. Thuan Hai and Martech's booths had the honor of welcoming numerous representatives from international companies, facilitating exchanges and discussions on renewable energy sources, and contributing to sustainable development.

At this year's Heatech Indonesia exhibition, Thuan Hai introduced solutions for transitioning from fossil fuel energy to Biomass (biomass energy). Biomass is a naturally renewable energy source derived from plants, utilizing agricultural and forestry byproducts such as rice husks, sugarcane bagasse, coffee husks, and palm oil shells. One significant benefit of Biomass is the reduction of CO2 emissions into the environment due to the natural carbon cycle, creating optimal environmental values and providing a substantial energy source, thus reducing the burden on natural resource extraction processes.

Furthermore, Thuan Hai introduced waste-to-energy (WTE) technology, which transforms solid waste into useful energy. WTE technology is gaining international attention because it offers substantial advantages over traditional landfill and waste incineration methods to reduce over 90% of waste volume and storage area while harnessing the generated heat to support production processes.

In line with the global "Net Zero" goal, Thuan Hai offers comprehensive energy solutions for customers to optimize costs and contribute to environmental protection. This commitment extends beyond Heatech Indonesia 2023, so stay tuned for Thuan Hai's upcoming events.