With over 68 years of operation, Songwol is a leading enterprise specializing in producing and exporting cotton towels, headquartered in South Korea. Songwol Vina Joint Stock Company was established in Vietnam in May 2009, with 90% of its export volume supplying products to international markets such as South Korea, Japan, etc. The company also distributes to major supermarket chains like Metro, Big C, Lotte, and AEON.

Collaborating since 2018, Thuan Hai has been responsible for boiler system operation to meet the production needs of the customer's factory. Throughout 5 years of partnership, Songwol Vina has recognized the professional and dedicated work attitude of Thuan Hai’s engineers and operators and their satisfaction with the quality of Thuan Hai's services.

Thuan Hai also expressed our appreciation for the trust, caring, and support received from the customers towards the operators working directly at the site. This serves as a significant motivation for Thuan Hai to continue striving for product and service development, companying with customers to create sustainable values in the future.

After an intimate conversation session, the representatives from Songwol Company presented a recognition plaque to express gratitude for Thuan Hai's positive contributions over the past period

Additionally, both sides exchanged meaningful gifts as tokens of appreciation, demonstrating a lasting bond relationship between them.

Thuan Hai is a leading enterprise in the field of investment and operation of boilers in Vietnam today. In addition, Thuan Hai is also a pioneering company in using renewable biomass fuel, contributing to the creation of clean energy sources and minimizing adverse environmental impacts. Thuan Hai provides comprehensive and cost-effective energy solutions for customers and partners.