Operating a fluidized bed boiler - Revealing 5 advantages in the energy industry

Fluidized bed boiler technology has been studied by the world for a long time, but due to demand, this technology has only developed strongly in recent years. Fluidized bed boilers use the technology of burning fuel in the fluidized bed of the boiler, which reduces harmful emissions and is environmentally friendly.

Buồng đốt lò hơi tầng sôi
Fluidized bed boiler combustion chamber

1. What is a fluidized bed boiler?

Fluidized bed boiler is a type of boiler with a combustion chamber designed to burn fuel in the fluidized bed form. Fuel used for fluidized bed boilers is very diverse, suitable for all types of solid fuels from coal, to biomass fuels such as firewood, wood chips, sawdust, etc. to operate. Therefore, fluidized bed boilers are favored and used by many enterprises in production activities. In addition, the fluidized bed boiler has the advantage of easy control of the concentration of emissions such as NOx and SO2 compared to other types of boilers.

  • Boiler capacity reaches from 3 tons/h - 50 tons/h
  • Working pressure from 10-25kg/cm2
  • Water supply temperature from 30oC - 100oC

Hệ thống lò hơi tầng sôiFluidized bed boiler system

2. Application of fluidized bed boiler

Most industries use heat in their manufacturing operations. Therefore, fluidized bed boilers are used a lot by businesses in manufacturing plants such as:

  • Factory producing food, alcohol, animal feed…
  • Mechanical factory, producing concrete, wood, building materials...

Lò hơi tầng sôi Fluidized bed boiler

3. Advantages of fluidized bed boiler

The biggest advantage of the fluidized bed boiler is fuel savings, which helps optimize plant operating efficiency and reduce production costs without affecting product quality.

Fluidized bed boiler can burn many types of fuel in the same boiler system such as shavings, wood chips, rice husk... Fluidized bed boiler is easy to operate and use.

The fluidized bed boiler helps to process business wastes such as plastic bags, cable ties, packaging ties, packaging boxes, contributing to environmental protection and minimizing waste treatment costs in manufacturing.

Fluidized bed boiler has a large heating area for maximum heat use, fuel is transported through a conveyor belt - -the following hopper system is sprayed into the boiler combustion chamber.

Fluidized bed boilers have a long life, low maintenance costs, and little damage.

The boiler has the ability to run automatically and continuously due to the self-supplying and high-pressure shutdown system.

The fluidized bed boiler is environmentally friendly, reducing pollution and emissions to the environment because the furnace and coal storage are designed to be closed, limiting ash and slag scattering.

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