Chain grate boiler - Learn 5 basic functions when operating

The chain grate boiler is no longer strange to many businesses because of its applicability when it allows operation with many different fuels, the semi-automatic furnace system helps to optimize the working capacity at the factories. machine, factory.

1. What is chain grate boiler?

Chain grate boiler is a type of boiler that uses combustion technology on a moving disc, the material layer and the burner will be transferred at the same time. The sprocket moves from front to back through the drive shaft located at the front. Drive shaft through reducer. During the before and after recording motion, the fuel combustion phases occur one after the other and occupy a certain area of ​​the recording length.

2. Application of chain grate boiler

Chain-type water-tube coal-fired boilers are commonly used to supply steam to various plants:

  • Food factory, animal feed, wood, bamboo and rattan
  • Industrial wine and beer distillery
  • Textile factory, industrial laundry
  • Steaming, drying, sterilizing and disinfecting in food and beverage factories
  • Cooking system, industrial kitchen steam cooking.

Hệ thống lò sôi ghi xíchChain-burning furnace system

3. Function and operation of chain grate boiler

Feeding system: automatic or semi-automatic operation, including bucket, hopper, shovel, conveyor, screw and other devices.

Combustion chamber - body: designed to completely burn fuel and absorb the best heat to generate steam, including combustion chamber, burner, heat-absorbing radiation tube bundle, steam generator bundle and devices other.

Water heat recovery unit, wind heat recovery unit: used to take advantage of the flue gas emitted and improve the operating efficiency of the boiler chain.

Dust removal system: This system can filter up to 99% of dry dust. Alternatively, a bag dust removal system or a Venturi wet filter tower can also be used to treat chain grate boiler dust. These dust filters enable boiler exhaust to meet all parameters of the most stringent environmental standards.

Exhaust fan and chimney: After passing through the dust filter system, the exhaust fan will push out the chimney and discharge into the environment.

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